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BIM Clash Detection Services for BIM Models

Revit outsourcing company has fetched enough fame and reliance in market to declare itself as one of the leading and dominant companies which are outsourcing BIM clash detection services. Unique approach blended with innovation and its experienced expertise in the field makes it unbeatable in all dimensions.

BIM design validation is effectively requisite as it assures the quality of 3D model and analyzes if all required information is provided and can be trusted to proceed further. Errors and risk are hence automatically minimized.

After the clash reports have been studied and analyzed thoroughly, internal MEP clash resolution is done which is followed by spatial coordination verification.

Advantages of the BIM design validation are as follows:

  • Thorough design review
  • Precise estimation of time, cost and resources
  • Reduce risk-on-site error
  • The buildings are oriented and designed to achieve optimal energy efficiency
  • Provides you the ability to explore options and integrate changes.
  • Perfect coordination and collaboration in engineers
  • Clear confusions at the design phase sooner than the construction stage when rework is extremely expensive

We provide MEP clash detection services to a broad spectrum of clients and are associated with some highly reputed architects, building general contractors, MEP contractors engineering and structural consultants.

Services Rendered by Our Company are:

  • Clash Detection between Architectural, Structural and MEP Model
  • Creating Clash Reports
  • Resolving Clashes
  • Co-ordination Checking
  • Phasing and Sequencing

Needless to mention - our dedicated team of experts who works according to client specification is well acclaimed to deliver work on or even before time. While BIM validation are an integral and unavoidable ingredient of triumphant construction projects, Revit outsourcing company offers lucrative packages with affordable rates, being the preeminent company in market.

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