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BIM coordination services for better views of the buildings

Technology drives the future and this holds true even for the design and construction industry. One of the key factors that drives this industry is BIM coordination and Revit MEP construction coordination, process which aids in virtually creating an architectural idea before it is actually created physically.

Benefits of BIM Coordination Services include:

  • BIM coordination services can be used not just for projects on a massive scale but even small scale ventures.
  • This technique is inexpensive, contrary to most myths, and is the way forward for all contractors. In fact it helps to eliminate unnecessary costs that occur due to insufficient interoperability in construction.
  • This is a rapidly evolving process and the technology is only going to get better in the coming years, giving more flexibility to contractors and architects.

The virtual incarnation of a building of any sort is an object oriented approach to modern construction. This intelligent, digital depiction is the perfect tool to study and analyze derivative data that help create a better, smarter and more unique edifice.

We provide word class BIM coordination services such as:

  • Exterior & interior views of the building
  • Creating 3D BIM models from 2D designs
  • Architectural coordination for subcontractors
  • Generating logistic models prior to construction
  • Extraction of project information
  • 4D modeling (adding time)
  • High quality construction documents

Proper synchronization between all team members such as designers, subcontractors, enforcement officers, software vendors and data warehouses, of course, need to be in place, to ensure that the procedure is carried out smoothly.

Our Aim:

  • Identify collisions
  • Visualize simulated environment
  • Eliminate errors on the field
  • Anticipate field conditions
  • Work with multiple scenarios with multiple factors
  • Lower warranty costs
  • Bridge the communication gap with client

We understands the changing needs of the modern design and construction industry and thus takes pride in its expert architectural engineering team that excels in BIM coordination services. Our approach to contemporary architecture involves creating and analyzing 3D virtual buildings, thus ensuring the success of any kind of project.

Software We Use: Building Design Suite (BDS), Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks

Our team at Revit Services Outsourcing ensures that all architectural, mechanical and structural BIM services are carried out in harmony.

The process of BIM coordination is purely technical and hence we use the best of tools to achieve the desired success. This includes round-the-clock connectivity, dedicated computer hardware and software, integrated processes for 2D and 3D, among others.

If you truly believe in perfection and wish to put your ideas in to action, contact us at Revit Services Outsourcing for unmatched BIM coordination services.