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BIM Scheduling Services of Six Variable

When it comes to Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industries, BIM plays a multi-faceted role for each and every step of project development.

4D construction scheduling is an important aspect of any construction process and BIM technology helps in scheduling and monitoring a construction process in the best possible manner. Revit Services Outsourcing has in-depth knowledge and experience in providing construction process scheduling services using BIM technology and has clients from around the globe.

The six variables of BIM scheduling include:

  • Quantities
  • Locations
  • Crew
  • Sizes
  • Productivity Rates
  • Material and Labour Cost

Any BIM model based scheduling has six variable or dimensions attached to it, on which basis; various decisions of the construction process are taken.

Considering above mentioned factors, accurate scheduling is carried out, which forms the base for proper planning of the construction process. Revit Services Outsourcing has the knowhow to utilize the power of BIM and apply it to different functionalities of the development stages.

Benefits of using our scheduling with BIM services:

  • Provides perfect time and cost scheduling
  • Accurate sequence of work helps contractors in detecting conflicts and removing the same in near future
  • Allows proper visualization of the whole project assembly
  • Offers suggestions on alternative sequences and erection coordination
  • Provides a real-time data on the progress made

Software We Use: Building Design Suite (BDS), Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks

We also help in deriving a flowline schedule which help in illustrating the locations for crews across the project timeline. The flowline view thus obtained assist in managing task buffers, visually identify conflicts, and communicate complete schedules of complex projects simultaneously.

The high amount of details and information gathered from BIM helps in efficient management of the project and removal of several unwanted processes.

To know more about our 4D scheduling services and the benefit of the same details, Contact us today.