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Quantity Take-Off Services for BIM

Revit Services Outsourcing offers the best of its kind quantity take off services for building contractors and construction firms in the competitive engineering fraternity. The methods that we employ reduce the time taken for project completion by leaps and bounds and therefore economize your deadlines by great extent and percentage.

A brief list into the expanse of services offered under our banner includes:

  • Quantity take-off and cost estimation for procurement
  • Quantity take-off and cost estimation for construction planning
  • Shop drawings for columns
  • Shop drawings for lintels, roofs, joists, stairs etc.
  • Construction planning
  • Cost estimation
  • Claim mitigation
  • Construction monitoring and inspection
  • Pre construction planning
  • Engineer and architect selection
  • Contract review

Engineers and technologists at Revit Services Outsourcing take pride in deeming about their immense experience and knowledge in the field of quantity estimation and surveying. Our experience leads us not only to deliver the best results to our clients but also to fetch a name of quality in the structural engineering fraternity.

Software We Use: Building Design Suite (BDS), Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks

The 3D user interface helps our customers to build up an exact virtual replica of project and yields them with a long list of benefits such as:

  • Better estimation of construction, understanding and analysis
  • Analysis of details and design
  • Better estimation of cost using functions
  • Visual aid to analysis
  • Object quantification
  • Analysis of materials

Our generalized and specific estimations of construction bim services sustain its quality at all levels whether microscopic or macroscopic.

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